I wanted to start a blog to record some of my creative escapades. I create with items I find or that find me, things are always changing and it’s hard for me to remember the different things I have done. Here recently I started an adventure in my kitchen. A much-needed facelift, that puts a little adventure back into the room and is the start of my cheap kitchen renovations.

First Wall – The Right Side Of My Stove

I have this huge kitchen. When I got my home, it was second hand and was in a highly unfinished state of wall repair and repainting. There are still areas to this day, that has not changed throughout my house, from when I moved in. But I’m working on that 😉

This spot has bothered me for a while, and I have often wondered what I wanted it to appear like.

Unfinished Wall - Right Side Of Stove

How About Some Puzzle Piece Wall Art?

I have a stack of puzzles that I love the scenery on, but there is one issue I have. I live in a house that is completely not puzzle friendly. Putting the same puzzle together once is normally enough for me…. (I’m the same way with reading books…) I have always wanted to frame up these puzzles for home decor so I decided to pick one and get it completely together before the elements in my house destroyed it. I chose this one since it’s always been one of my favourites and it fit the space perfectly! 🙂

I have it placed it on the inside of a cleaned piece of kitty litter bag. It is woven plastic and I was sort of hoping that I would be able to dislodge it easier once I got done with the clear school glue if any dripped between the puzzle pieces. Nothing major. I did make sure to use at least 3 or 4 coats of cheap school glue on a sponge brush. I had very minimal stickage when it dried and it was easy to release off of the work area. Once dried, I was able to hold it up to the wall and figure out how I wanted to place it.

Bar Scene Puzzle - Kitchen

Adding A Border

I was gifted with my mothers’ leftover small tiles to use in my kitchen as a backsplash for my stove. I found that I had plenty for that project and had more than enough to use as a border for this puzzle. So with my two partially full handy tubes of E6000 and Gorilla Glue, I went to town getting the tiles individually stuck up on the wall.

Bar Scene Puzzle With Border

Once I got the corner created with tiles, I coated the entire back of the puzzle with clear school glue to stick to the wall and spread another coat over the front of the puzzle to help hold it onto the wall. While it was drying, I would continue to add more of the border tiles with the craft glues.

Corner Start Of Bar Scene Border
Partially Framed Bar Scene Puzzle

Completion Of The Tile Border

I had used the backboard and trim strip to line my tiles with so when I was done I decided to remove them off the wall. They were worn out and I wanted a cleaner background with my new puzzle picture.

Completed Border Bar Scene Puzzle

I am quite happy with the ending results. My husband really likes it and the kids think it’s cool. Everything I used was already in my house so the only thing spent on this project was my time. It also allowed me to make a couple of my stacks of “stuff” a tiny bit smaller.

Finished Bar Scene Puzzle

This Is NOT The End, However!

There are areas of my wall that are still not completely done and it is in my future plans to finish it.  The picture and tiles did get a couple of coats of polyurethane to help with protection. I do need some sealer along the wall and counter. This particular area doesn’t have really any gap between the counter and wall, so I let the paint seal it for now.

Now on to the other side of the stove I go! Stay Tuned!

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